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HYDRA, a project that is available for logon from different computer networks, which is subject to constant network attacks from competitors who want to block access to a particular site address. To ensure that the site works in different networks that have different domain zones, the Hydra site already needs at least two alpha-domain addresses, for the Internet and for the Darknet. If on the Darknet addresses have an official status and never change, then with Internet Web addresses things are a little more complicated. Since the Hydra project partially violates the laws of some countries, its domains are constantly being taken away and blocked. Because of this, every time you have to register new addresses for the Web Internet. On the Internet, Hydra addresses are registered in different domain zones and their exact name is always indicated at the bottom of the site, on the official Telegram channel or forum. The Mirror change occurs immediately after the cancellation of the registration of the old domain, which is due to a large number of complaints sent to the registrar from which the creators of Hydra buy domains.

What is the main and official address of the Mirror of Hydra? As a rule, the address at which everything was infected and the life of the project began and is called the Official one - this is the address in the Darknet, the Tor network and the Onion zone - hydraruzxpnew4afd.onion. At this address, the site is not always available, due to its high popularity, it is most often attacked by competitors with network Ddos attacks and made inaccessible to users. Because of this, a dozen more similar addresses had to be made - additional site mirrors that work independently of each other. If one or more addresses are not available, then the rest of the remaining addresses will definitely work.

Do I need to know all the addresses of the Hydra site

The more addresses you know, the more chance you have to get to the Hydra website during network attacks from competitors. These attacks do not go on all the time, since they cost their organizers a lot of money, they usually start on fish days, when the highest sales of goods, weekends and holidays. If it is important for you to get to the site exactly when there is an increased demand for goods, it is better to write down for yourself at least five Hydra Mirrors and one Official address. This will give you a fairly high chance of getting to the trading floor, even during a strong Ddos. Therefore, you should not be intimidated by so many Mirrors, ordinary buyers do not need to know everything. As a rule, judging by the statistics of past years, competitors have never been able to block access to more than 3-4 addresses simultaneously. Opportunities for organizing Ddos are financially limited for everyone. Follow the link to the main Official Mirror and save several additional addresses for yourself immediately after registering or starting an attack and use them at any time.

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There were already 4 official Mirrors for the Internet for the entire existence of the project until 2020, only one working Mirror works at a time, exactly until the registration is canceled by the domain name registrar. Until 2019, the administration of the resource registered domains at regular prices and such domains did not live long, always for a year or even earlier, the registrar blocked the addresses and users without a Tor browser had a panic to find a new working Mirror. After 2019, they learned how to register at VIP prices, which are hundreds of times higher than the usual market prices, but gave the registrar a certain loyalty to the complaints of law enforcement officers of foreign countries. Due to this, the life of the domains was extended at times. With Official Mirrors for the Darknet, everything is much more stable and simpler. If a new Mirror has appeared on the Thor's network, then its address can always be found on the site's forum or seen in the site's header during the start of network attacks on any of the Mirrors. These Mirrors have a permanent address and no one is blocking them. The main Official address of the site on the Darknet is its first original address, which is known to many and is indicated on the page of this site. After logging in to which, you need to go through the captcha verification and log in with your username to further view the site and make purchases. Thus, we get at least two main Official Site Mirrors - for the Internet and for the Darknet. All addresses work only when there are no strong network attacks on them, so the main thing is not to know the address of the main Mirror, but the addresses that are least likely to be attacked by competitors who are available more than anyone else. These are usually new Mirrors, which were opened later than others. Write down several site domains for yourself and use them.