Best Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler)

Bitcoin mixer (Bitcoin tumbler, Bitcoin mixing service) is an anonymization service that makes it difficult or almost impossible to track transactions in the Bitcoin system. We have collected the most popular cryptocurrency mixers for you.

Best bitcoin tumbler links:


Cryptomixer - runs on the Darknet and is one of the most popular Bitcoin mixers. Grams Cryptomixer uses a new mixing scheme, it doesn't just clean your bitcoins, you get completely new coins that have not been used in the "BitcoinMixer". The cleaning process can take no more than 4 hours. To use the Cryptomixer mixer in the basic version of Grams, you need to create an account; in the Cryptomixer Light and Cryptomixer Market versions, this is not necessary. If you still decide to use the Grams version, you will have to pay an entrance fee of 0.01 BTC.


The main difference between this server is that it has 2 different mixing modes. Cleaning is carried out automatically. In one of the modes, cleared coins are received through foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Guarantees with PGP signatures are used. Low and high minimum and maximum entry thresholds from 0.001 BTC to 50 BTC.


Ultramx Btc Mixer - provides all the privacy and security that comes standard with a Bitcoin mixer, as well as many options and perks not provided by other services. If you use a new address for withdrawal, the bitcoins that you receive back are completely separated from your previous history on the blockchain, so it is almost impossible to link the transaction history with your personality. Mixtum commission is only 0.5% of the mixing amount and another 0.0001 BTC / 0.00005 BCH for each withdrawal address. 5 output addresses can be set. The no log policy allows all mixing information to be deleted as soon as it is completed. The interface is pretty clean so it allows for fast and reliable mixing.

What are Bitcoin mixers?

Bitcoin Mixers are websites offering a solution to improve the privacy of Bitcoin. As you know, the network uses addresses with pseudo-anonymity - despite the fact that it does not reveal information about users, all information about the transfer of coins and the amount of transactions is available. Therefore, if you wish, you can track the movement of the coin and calculate who owns the address.

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