Best 25 Dark web (onion) Forum

Popular services and products - It is easy to find work for specialists in all these forums. The popularity of different types of vacancies varies depending on the topic of the forum: they are looking for qualified carders on Verifed, coders are needed for Exploit, and Punch is mainly looking for drops for LLCs and microloans.


Some sites have not yet decided on the main direction and offer a little bit of everything. Others are intended solely for anonymous communication. Let's walk through several popular locations.

Best dark web forum 2024:

1. Darknet Avengers Forum

2. Dread

3. Envoy

4. Chron1c

5. The Hub

6. DNM Avengers

7. Cebulka

8. Deutschland im Deep Web

9. The Majestic Garden

10. Rutor Forum

11. Runion Forum

12. 8kun

13. CannaMed

14. CryptBB

15. DMHQ

16. Endchan

17. exploit.in

18. FlugForum

19. Helium Forum

20. NZ Darknet Market Forums

21. Neinchan

22. Nanochan

23. Raddle

24. Torigon

25. Verified

Other places to chat

The list of chats and forums does not end there - there is even a Facebook mirror in .onion, but it is unlikely that it will be able to save you from punishment for reposting. For example, there is a Tor4 forum where users exchange travel reports (that is, descriptions of the sensations of taking drugs) and discuss the effect of a particular substance on the body. There are much more terrifying forums on the darknet. I will not post links to their sites. If you really want to find something similar, open the directories using the links at the beginning of this article and search. But try not to stay there long and take care of your mental health! In addition, we still have to go through the economic side of the darknet.

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Verified Forum


Exploit Forum