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DeepSea market link also known as DeepSea is a dark-net marketplace that has just launched in March of 2020. The developers claim that they have launched a fully 'omniversal market'. This means that all the functionality ever require by any user is already built into the market. DeepSea market has a huge list of categories, as a result anything can be sold on the market from drugs, to electronics and even alcohol and tobacco.

The DeepSea market url team claims that they've built the market from scratch. Taking a peak at the market it looks like the developers are being honest. The market looks very unique and unlike any other market out there. Overall the design of the market looks almost excellent although a few small touches to improve the design can be made. DeepSea has a very nice color pallet, and looks very pleasing to the eye.

DeepSea Markets Review

Functionality wise the market is flawless. There is a big top-bar with all the options you will ever need. Order history, messages and account settings can all be accessed from the top. Clicking on the 'All Categories' button, a huge side-bar will pop up on the left hand side with endless category options. After clicking on a category, a page with all the products from that category will pop up. On that page another sub-category menu can be found. DeepSea market url is a very feature reach market-place. All the standard market features along with a few unique - unseen features can be found on DeepSea. Trusted vendors will have a reviewed badge and new vendors can purchase Gold and Diamond badges. This badges will be provided for free for established vendors looking to join the market. Early Finalization (FE) is supported for trusted vendors. PGP support is present and is used to encrypt messages and for 2FA login.

Multisig transactions are supported on the market alongside traditional Escrow transactions. Orders can be paid both in BTC and XMR. A wallet can be found built into the market but direct deposit transactions are supported. This means that no account balance is needed to place an order. The market also has gift cards that can be purchased using crypto and redeemed on any account. What makes this market unique is the built in exchange and coin mixer that can be accessed from the main bar. Users can mix their coins in order to hide their origins before withdrawing from the market. The built in exchange allows users to convert Bitcoin to Monero and vice versa.

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DeepSea looks great and it's functionality and features are unseen on other markets. This market looks like a great competitor in it's space and finally offers something new in an over-saturated era of dark-net markets. Currently Darkode has over 2,000 listings and is still growing. We see huge potential for this market but there is still a big road ahead.

DeepSea Markets

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