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Yet another security driven market has entered the game. Cypher market is a brand new marketplace that just launched in April of this year. The markets main focus is the trust-less payment system that makes is impossible for vendors or admins to get away with any balance. Like most dark-net markets, Cypher market features all types of products. On it you can find anything from drugs to counterfeit items and digital goods.

Functionally, Cypher market is just like every dark-net market out there. One of the main things that make the market stand out is its unique design. The markets design suggests it was built from the ground up. It looks very simplistic and modern, just like all markets should. There is some room for improvement on the front-end. The scaling of the market looks a bit off sometimes but we're guessing that it's getting fixed in the coming months. The interface of the market looks familiar and is easy to navigate. Like most markets, Cypher features a category bar on the left hand side. Above that there is a main-bar on which you can access account settings, more information on the site and more account options. The market features a good looking account dashboard that can be accessed from the main-bar. The dashboard contains everything linked to an account like orders, messages and account settings.

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Cypher market has all the typical market features. Escrow and Multi-signature transactions are both supported. PGP support can also be found on the site and is used for encrypting messages and 2FA login. Cypher is a wallet-less market that accepts both Bitcoins and Monero. The market suggest that customers use Monero for more anonymity. Early finalization is not supported for extra scam protection. Cypher Market is a security driven marketplace, all the messages sent on the market are not only encrypted, but wiped after 30 days. All deposit and withdrawal logs are also wiped from the servers 10 days after being completed

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Cypher Market is one of the more secure marketplaces on the dark-net. A lot more precautions have been taken by Cypher than other markets to protect its customers. The dark-net scene has been over-saturated in recent years. Cypher-market is one of the few competitors that like to do things differently and stand out from most markets. Currently the market has over 400 listings and is expected to grow in popularity in the near future.

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