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As noted, Cannazon Market is the largest shopping mall on the darknet. On this trading platform, there is an opportunity to buy something that is difficult or impossible to acquire in the public domain. Each registered user can go to any of the service stores and buy illegal goods.

Purchase is possible at any time of the day from any region. A special advantage of Cannazon Market is the systematic and regular updating of the assortment of stores. It is not difficult to choose and buy a product or service. Before buying, you can read the reviews of previous buyers. Thus, the site visitor can evaluate the quality of the purchase in advance and decide whether he needs a product or should refuse the purchase. A feature of the closed Internet portal Cannazon is the availability of the Mystery Shopper service. They make sure that the products presented in the stores meet certain requirements.

Product quality

If, for any reason, a discrepancy in the quality of the goods is found, the goods are immediately withdrawn from sale, the store is closed, the seller is blocked. Delivery can be ordered to any region, specifying the address where it will be convenient to pick up the goods. Only after the buyer confirms the purchase, the seller receives his money to ensure the quality of the goods. If quality or delivery issues arise as a result of a purchase, the customer has the right to open a dispute, which the independent Cannazon Market moderators will immediately join. Payment for goods is done in cryptocurrency, and in most cases, merchants prefer to accept payment in bitcoin. However, some stores are willing to accept payments from Monero. The employees of the Cannazon Market portal themselves advise to pay with cryptocurrency, as this is the most reliable payment method, which also allows maintaining the anonymity of transactions.

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Features of the Cannazon website

It is worth noting that the Cannazon domain is regularly updated by its programmers. The fact is that the site is blocked almost every day, and as a result, the user cannot enter the site without knowing the current Cannazon links. To avoid such a problem, the portal staff recommend adding the official Cannazon page to bookmarks. Save all the links to the Cannazon site and share them with your friends.

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