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Asap Market (link, url, mirror) is the largest crypto store of illegal substances (drugs) and services that serves users. Asap Market works 24/7, sellers are constantly replenishing their windows, almost always in most cities a huge assortment of prohibited substances is available. Also on the Asap Market there are sellers who provide services such as punching mobile numbers, hacking email and social networks.

The main direction of Asap Market is, of course, the sale of drugs. On the Asap Market you can buy drugs such as marijuana (hashish, boshki, grass), ecstasy (both wheels and MDMA and MDA crystals), cocaine, brands (LSD and others), mushrooms, you can even buy heroin. When buying, you can select the area where the bookmark was made and read customer reviews about the quality of the product. Also on Asap Market Onion has its own quality control service for the substances sold, which periodically secretly buys substances from random sellers and conducts their chemical analysis, and if the seller cheated and sold the wrong substance, such a store is blocked. The Asap Market website has round-the-clock technical support that helps to resolve emerging issues. There is an auto guarantor, money is transferred to the seller's account only after the buyer confirms that he “received” the goods.

Asap Market for Bitcoin

Payment for Bitcoin is also available on the Asap Market website, but it often happens with long delays, since bitcoin very often confirms for a long time to wallets, it is completely safe to use bitcoin to buy goods with drugs. Therefore, we recommend that you use Bitcoin payment. Our general tips for using both the main Asap Market site in the torus, as well as the Asap mirror: before buying a product, always carefully read the reviews from them, you will almost always learn about the quality of the product itself, as well as the convenience of the place and the quality itself. Confirm receipt and leave feedback on the purchased bookmark only after picking it up, this will help you save your money. When registering, do not use the login (nickname) that you use in online games and on other legal Internet sites, unnecessary attention to you.

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It is worth noting that the Asap domain is regularly updated by its programmers. The fact is that the site is blocked almost every day, and as a result, the user cannot enter the site without knowing the current Asap Market links. To avoid such a problem, the portal staff recommend adding the official Asap Market page to bookmarks. Save all the links to the Asap site and share them with your friends.

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