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Tor market is a relatively new drug-focused darknet site that is focused on supplying the drug market in New Zealand. The vast majority of the customers reside in New Zealand but some vendors are willing to ship internationally as well. While Tor market is a small site, it is constantly growing. The low user numbers should not be overvalued: Since the market is new, the majority of its users will yet have to arrive.

Tor market is one of the easiest markets to navigate. The site has a very simple layout where you can browse the different categories on the left side. You will need to sign up to have full access to the market but do not worry, the is no market fee or collateral involved. You should note down the site’s public PGP key to authenticate their messages. Once you are signed up you can browse the different categories, they are Benzodiazepines, Cannabis (seeds, edibles, and inhalables), Ecstasy, Ketamine, Opioids, Psychedelics, Stimulants, and Steroids. The purchases are straight up and simple and the market utilized an escrow system: When the customer wants a refund, the vendor and the customer try to resolve the issue. ie re-ship, return goods, partial or full refund. The customer can change the refund amount they request. When it is something both parties agree on, the vendor can accept the refund amount and funds are paid out. Or the buyer can cancel the refund request and finalize it. If no agreement is reached, the market decides how to distribute the money in escrow. In the case that the vendor has ignored a refund request, the market may approve the customer’s refund after 7 days. The vendor must respond to the customer’s refund request in the form of Tor Market messaging and maintain consistent communication until the issue is resolved. Periodically the escrow funds are replaced with fresh coins from Chaumian CoinJoin.This means that anyone who has paid into the wallet so they can analyse it, will have a limited window in time between their payment and when all the funds are replaced, to follow transactions. Then the trail stops and it’s like a new wallet was started. Vendors pay a flat 5% fee on every sale, there are no other costs involved.

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Tor market has an extensive help section that covers all kinds of topics from their policy and rules to their security measures: All network access to the webserver is through TOR and includes additional hops through other networks in addition to TOR.The server does not send email or make any contact to the internet other than DNS, software updates and TOR access. This means that network traces of the server do not reveal any users or operators of the server. Session data (cookies) are all stored client-side, signed and encrypted. No session data is stored on the server. This gives speed improvements and additional security because database leaks cannot reveal session tokens.

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Feedback on the Tor Markets resource is done with high quality. It works online and you can write to the moderator at any time to solve your problems and questions. Even on holidays, they respond very quickly. The site is simply “stuffed” with various functions, rating and rating systems. The conclusion can be made as follows: There are no such resources on the network at this time - the site itself does not have a main direction and its own specific audience. We can say that this is a whole network market - where you can buy “anything”. The site covers all areas of the black market. Such a huge market in Onion is highly visible, so it attracts a different audience, which is not very good. We can say that the site is hanging around “don't understand who”. In other matters, and for such situations, the Tor Markets mirror has everything under control, and at the moment, Tor Markets is the black market leader on the network. At the moment, the store is quite popular, and fakes appear. What awaits Tor Markets in the future - only time will tell. Be sure to take your time and visit our other stubs and find a lot of new information on the Tor Markets site. We are always glad to see you and respond to your every comment in social networks. It would also be great if you leave a review about us and write what you bought, the quality of the product and how you felt from it. Enjoy your shopping. Tormarket is great for customers in New Zealand or even Australia that need a good local source for drug products. Especially for people in New Zealand this is likely the site with the cheapest offers available but also for others this could be an interesting market as it is relatively new and small and as such vendors are always trying to generate interest with good offers.

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