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Global Dreams is a somewhat veteran darknet vendor that's been active on many darknet markets such as Dream Market, White house, Empire and currently BitBazaar. The vendor group seems to enjoy a good amount of positive feedback and rating on the many markets it operates on. Recently, Global Dreams has gone to make its own vendor shop where it, besides normal quantity selling, also allows bulk purchases. Normal quantity purchases are shipped from the Netherlands worldwide, while bulk packages are shipped from Germany in good decoy, as per their words.

Global Dreams's interface is fairly simple and straightforward. The shop's search box is located at the top bar. Search filters will appear after you make an initial search query. While the search filters aren't very advanced, since it's a vendor shop and therefore will not contain many listings, we think that's okay. After registering an account, you'll be able to access your account settings from the top bar as well. The left-hand sidebar is where most things are located. You'll see the various site sections outlined on the sidebar. Below that is the categories list which facilitates locating desired products based on their types. Further down the sidebar resides a list of links for the different mirrors of the shop, as well as related external links, such as the subDread.

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The registration process on Global Dreams shop is quite simple. You're required to provide a username, password and a PIN number. The PIN number is used to confirm fund withdrawals and purchases. After successfully registering, users can optionally provide a PGP public key in order to enable 2FA. We highly recommend doing so. Both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) are accepted on Global Dreams vendor shop. A wide variety of drug types can be purchased on the shop such as cannabis products, psychedelics, stimulants and dissociatives. As previously mentioned, Global Dreams also allows bulk orders of products. Such bulk orders can be as large as $8k worth of a product. The shop features an on-site wallet where you can deposit BTC or XMR into. Subsequently, you'll be able to freely make orders on the shop. One important thing to note is that you have to manually encrypt your shipping addresses using the shop's public PGP key which can be found on the sidebar or on Dread.

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Global Dreams is an old darknet vendor that is liked by many. Their new vendor shop allows them to offer products with lower prices since they don't have to care about market fees. Moreover, their bulk purchasing feature is particularly interesting.

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